Master Document Index
Introduction-Contains the Following,
   A.  Affirmations

B.  Executive Summary

C.  Charter Renewal

D.  Council of Directors Qualifications

I.  Element 1 –Educational Program-Contains the Following,

A. Mission Statement

B. Whom YES Charter Academy Seeks to Educate

C. Model of the Educated Person

D. Educational Philosophy-How Learning Best Occurs

E. Cores Value
4. Additional Considerations
4. Miscellaneous Provisions
Appendix 1 – Environmental Education

Appendix 1b – Sample Seeds of Science Lesson

A.Planents & Moons

Appendix 1c-Sample Seeds of Science Lesson.

A.A. Light Energy

Appendix 1c -Calif Environmental Principles
Appendix 1d – Marzano Instructional Strategies
Appendix 3 District Impact Statement- Contains the Following

A. Intent

B. Administrative Services

C. Facilities

D. Student Population
Appendix 4 – Facility Lease Letter
Appendix 5 – Submittal Cover Letter to MJUSD
Appendix 7 – Outreach Plan

Appendix 8Articles of Incorporation
Appendix 10 – After School Program
Appendix 11 – Suspension Procedures
6. Policies
7. Employee Relations


1a YES  Principal contacts
b YES Org Chart
2 Written Notice of Change in Directors
3e Roster.biographies-board-members-072617
f Membership Process for Board
g Local School Administration
4 Annual Calendar of Board meetings
5 Ralph M Brown Act Training Verification Letter
6 Board Agendas and Minutes
7 Conflict of Interest Training Verification
8 Provide Hard Copy of Parent/Student Handbook, Not Post
9a Copy of Health, Safety and Emergency Plan
b Certification of Staff Training in Health, Safety and Emergency
c YES_.calendar-of-fire-drills-1
10a YES_Wellness_Policy_2017-2-1
11 Information Concerning Rights of Parents and Guardians Under Applicable Provisions of the federal No Child Left Behind (“NCLB”) Act and and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”
12a Procedures for Application, Enrollment, Admission, Wait Listing and Public Random Drawing
b Descriptions of Outreach and Recruitment Activities
c Evidence that Enrollment Preferences and Random Drawing Preferences Are Consistent with Charter
d Copy of Application and Enrollment Forms and Information Provided to Prospective Families
e Process for Exiting a Student Other Than Disciplinary Reasons
13 2017_SARC
14 Risk Management Policies and Procedures
15 Insurance Coverage
16 Job Descriptions and Qualification for Positions
17 Employee Handbook
18 Sample Employee Contracts Re YES Exclusive Employer
19 Timeline Outlining Documentation of Educational Program
20 Annual Report of Activities
21 Staff Meeting Sign-In Sheets
22 Student Study Team Process
23 See confidential documents at school
See confidential documents at school
See confidential documents at school
26 504 Coordinator