Bus Schedule

Download here: 2020-2021 Transportation Schedule

If you want your child dropped off at a stop that is different than his/her designated stop, please call the front the office to report the change. Your child will always be dropped off at his/her designated stop without such a note.

If you are not at the Bus Stop on time to pick up your child/children, they will stay on the bus and you will have to drive to the next stop to pick them up, unless you have signed a Parent Request To Release Unattended.  No TK-K thru 2nd will be dropped off without an approved adult. The office and the bus driver have these forms. Call YES Charter 530-692-2210 for information if the bus is running late.

Please check for Teacher In-Service days on the School Calendar because school will be closed those days.

Also, just a reminder that the bus could be running a few minutes later than scheduled when it’s storming, raining or snowing. Please arrive at the bus stops 5 minutes before the times listed above and wait – the bus will be there.