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Classes at YES Charter Academy are kept small, and the classroom culture is friendly. Parents often remark that our school “feels like family.” Many of our students have known each other and learned together since the school’s opening, and teachers often have close working relationships with their students.

During the 2011-12 school year, YES Academy adopted the Seeds of Science curriculum developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science at U.C. Berkeley. The Seeds of Science approach integrates all facets of the school curriculum with the study of science. Each grade emphasizes a different aspect of earth and physical sciences, including environmental science, which is the theme for our charter.

Our school also strives to strictly meet the academic requirements of the state education code, and includes all core subjects: English and language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science make up the center of our curriculum. In addition we enhance our studies with an enrichment program, in which each teacher has developed a special interest related to our central curriculum.

An attractive enhancement to our curriculum is our school garden with its 27 beds of organic vegetables and herbs. This year students took turns weekly in sowing, growing, and harvesting our garden plants under the supervision of parents, teachers, and a volunteer California master gardener. Garden products are being used in our school lunches, and students learn the central role of gardening and farming in preserving the earth and nourishing its people. Garden day is a special time for YES students.