School Information and Contacts

School Address:     9841 Texas Hill Rd. Oregon House
Mailing Address:   PO Box 430 Oregon House, CA 95962
Phone Number:     (530) 692-2210
Fax Number:          (530) 692-3241


Louise Miller,

Human Resources & Business Administrator:
Debra Campbell,

Administrative Assistant:
BreAnne Partridge,

Office Specialist:
Michaela Stewart,

Teachers & Instructional Aides:

TK- Kindergarten:
Tracy Fuschich,
Seraphim Fuhrer,

First Grade:
Leslie Carey, 

Second & Third Grades:
Alexandra Steffen,
Pamela Scott,

Fourth & Fifth Grades:
Amy Edwards,
Alain Cabrera,
Doris Tapia,

Sixth, Seventh & Eight Grades:
Norbert Kominsky,
Clare Giraro,
Cornelia Kalkopoulou,

Special Education:
Eve Domingo,
Ulrich Kaiser,

Home School:
Jim Pyacek,

IT & Technology Director:
Brannon Blaylock,

Lunch Program Coordinator:
Debra Campbell,

Kitchen Manager & Support Staff:
Cherrity Leyson,
Cassandra Thorn,
Jessica Robles,

Transportation Manager & Bus Driver:
Mikela Amaral,

Abel Robles,

Burt Leyson,

Master Gardener:
Tena Brown,

Please contact the office for questions/comments.

Council of Directors:
President: Pam Cook
Vice President: Linda Cohee
Chief Financial Officer: Paul McGovern
Staff Representative: Eve Domingo
Secretary: Jamie Hyatt
Principal: Louise Miller